4 Ways to Save On Your Wedding Day

Weddings can be a sticker shock, for sure. And while you mull over all the things you should do (more on that here), here’s my best advice to save a few bucks:

  1. Etsy templates. I said it once and I’ll say it again, Etsy is a bride’s best friend. For invitations, I scoured website after website and was mortified when 200 invitations were going to cost me $800 – not including postage. I was relieved to find so many templates on Etsy – most under $20 – for literally everything: wedding invitationsseating chartsignage, etc. I used a local printer and saved 75%.
  2. Postcards. Wedding stationary can be outrageous. To cut down costs, we opted for save-the-date postcards so we didn’t have to order envelopes and hand-write our return address. We did the same for our thank you cards and saved hundreds!
  3. Skip the party favors. Party favors can be such a cute, personal touch to your wedding. Of course you’ll want to do it! And if you can afford it, go for it. For our winery wedding, I had my heart set on customized wine bottle stoppers. In the end, it would have cost me over $300. We decided to skip it, and since we were also doing a photo booth at our reception,  guests ended up taking their photo strips home as a favor.
  4. Pick a beautiful location. Flowers and decor can be so expensive, but necessary. But we can’t all be royal, and swing the flower archway from the royal wedding. We all can’t be a Kardashian, and pull off a 20 foot wall of white roses, peonies and out-of-season bushels of tuberose. My best advice is try to find a venue that is already gorgeous so you don’t have to overdo it. For example, a wedding ceremony at a garden, park, vineyard or farm. The property is already naturally lush and beautiful, you don’t need to go over-the-top with decorating.

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