So, I Finally Tried Daily Harvest

Since adopting a low(ish) carb lifestyle in 2017, smoothies have been a huge sacrifice for me. Every now and then I still make my go-to (“Green Monster” by Oh She Glows), but try to drink only half of it. I know, it’s really a tragedy.

As we gear up for our cross-country move next weekend, cooking is the last thing I want to do right now. I’ve heard about Daily Harvest before, but was finally motivated to try it after a friend gave me a promo code (thanks, Rachel!). And of course after I visited the site once I was attacked by social media ads. And here we are, damn it.

Daily Harvest is a super cool, cutely branded subscription service for organic smoothies, harvest bowls, soups and treats. Customers can sign up for weekly or monthly deliveries and build their own box with up to 24 items ($6.99-$7.99 per item).

Since we’re trying to be good, I opted for the smoothies with the least amount of carbs:

  • Cold Brew + Almond (1/2 package = 7 net carbs)
  • Watermelon + Cucumber (1/2 package = 8 net carbs)
  • Mint + Cacao (1/2 package = 11 net carbs)
  • Chai + Coconut (1/2 package = 13 net carbs)

The smoothies come frozen in individual cups, packaged with dry ice. All you do is fill up the cup with a liquid base (i.e. almond milk, coconut water), then mix in your blender. I found that I needed to add more liquid than recommended, otherwise the smoothies ended up like a frosty. Once you’ve blended the smoothie, pour the contents back into the original cup. Now you have a smoothie-to-go!

The verdict?

So far the smoothies are delicious! I love the convenience of all the ingredients, it’s made our morning routine so easy. Ultimately though, I still love making smoothies at home. This subscription service is convenient and fancy (cacao, seabuckthorn?, cold brew), but just too expensive for us to justify on a regular basis. But I love the option if you’re in a time crunch! We’ll definitely try it again.

If you want to try Daily Harvest, here’s a promo code for three free items! You have to sign up for a subscription, but you can cancel or pause your account after your first shipment. Just follow the steps until check-out, then you’ll see your discount!

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