A Perfect Day in Hollywood

Earlier this year we checked off another California bucket list item: Hollywood! We managed to squeeze Hollywood, LA and Disneyland into a single weekend. We hardly scratched the surface I know, but we still managed to have a fun-filled day in Hollywood!

If you find yourself in Hollywood for only one day, here’s what we suggest:

Hike the Hollywood Sign. Urban hiking at its finest. We didn’t do Runyon Canyon, and as much as I wanted to run into Katy Perry (she lives right next door), the sign felt more iconic. There’s actually a handful of trail options, but we opted for the Hollywood Sign and Wisdom Tree Trail. Round trip it was 6.6 miles with 1,791 foot elevation gain. The trail felt short, but steep at parts. Spoiler alert: you can’t hike to the front of the Hollywood sign, only behind it! That detail was a bit of a bummer, but the views are spectacular!


Find your favorite celebrity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’ll be the first to tell you – the Hollywood Walk of Fame was a bit underwhelming. Hollywood Boulevard is not the most glamorous of places, and very quickly we determined we didn’t want to stay there too long. But when in Rome, right? Before your trip look up your favorite celebrity in Star Finder to find their exact location. If you’re lucky you could plan your trip around a Star Ceremony! The ceremonies are free and open to the public.

Eat an energizing lunch. We did not experience Hollywood on a culinary level by any means. But what we wanted was something quick and energizing, and we got that at  sweetgreen. Their made-to-order salads (warm or cold bowls) are a healthy, “fast fooder’s” paradise. In my dreams I eat here every day and rotate organic arugula and romaine bases, and mix in premium proteins like the warm portobella mix and the roasted sesame tofu. Then I bathe in the curry yogurt dressing.

Take a cheesy Hollywood tour. As I mentioned above, Hollywood by foot is not the most glamorous experience. We found ourselves stuck on Sunset Blvd. with not much to do, so I dragged James on a celebrity homes tour! That’s right – a cheesy, open-air caravan bus tour ! We took the Ultimate Hollywood Tour, where you pass by over 50 movie star homes, Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Sign, the Playboy Mansion, Sunset Plaza and more. We both ended up having a great time. The drivers are working comedians and actors, and are so entertaining. You learn a lot of history and fun facts about Hollywood, and it’s a great way to spend two hours. Worth every penny.

And that was it for us in Hollywood! I’d love to go back someday and plan ahead better. Have you been to Hollywood? What are some of your favorite places? Comment below!

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