Sunday Six: Welcome to Connecticut

It’s been a whirlwind since we packed up our lives in Monterey and made our way to the East Coast. As we get settled, I thought I’d check-in on Sundays with some personal updates:

  1. We made it to Connecticut! We are here and we are loving it! I’m not going to lie, the weather took some getting used to. But this weekend the humidity was finally under 50% and it was glorious! Mosquitoes are alive and well out here, any tips beyond bug spray? There is so much to see and do. James and I sat down at a brewery lat night and started a six month bucket list!
  2. Buuuuuuut our stuff isn’t here yet. When the military moves you across the country for free, you can’t complain. But you don’t have any control over the timing, so more often than not you’re without your things for at least a week or more. This happened to us in Monterey, so luckily this time around we were prepared. We bought an air mattress (from Costco – it’s amazing) and packed some basic kitchen items (skillet, sheet pan, one bowl, one plate, silverware). Movers are supposed to come tomorrow!
  3. Annnnnnd we still don’t have our orders. Thank you for everyone’s kind words, texts and check-ins. As of right now we still don’t know anything. The suspense is KILLING us! So many of our military friends have been telling us this is normal and we just need to get used to it. And even once we’re told verbally, the orders are likely to be changed again. We’re doing our best to relax and just know that whatever we get, we get. Life is an adventure.
  4. I’m still working…West Coast hours. I’m sticking with my marketing job from Monterey through November. I’m on-boarding my replacement and supporting the team through my colleague’s maternity leave. But I’ll tell you what – working different time zones and working from home has been quite an adjustment. I love the autonomy, but I miss working with people around me. Do any freelancers out there have any advice?
  5. Southeastern Connecticut is beautiful. This weekend we wandered around Mystic, Noank and Groton Point. We ate lobster rolls, poked around nautical shops, bookstores and spice shops. We drove along the coastline and drooled over multi-million dollar colonial homes (like this one, and this one).
  6. We are finding our favorite things. We’re here for only six months, but we want it to feel like home. I’m doing a trial run with Crossfit Mystic – 7 a.m. WODs, hello. James is on a quest for the best coffee in town (shout-out to Vault Coffee Roasters and Bartleby’s Cafe). We found a great brewery ( Jealous Monk) and a dog park that Lady loves. We also found amazing, Indian take-out. Life is good.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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