4 Recipes I Tried This Week

This week was a solid week for Pinterest recipes! Here’s the lowdown on what we tried – all vegetarian:

Curried Carrot & Ginger Soup


Recipe: Skinny Ms. 

Ok, I must confess this wasn’t a new recipe. I’ve been making this soup for almost two years and we love it every. single. time. This soup is perfect for us when we need a little detox. The soup has only 10 ingredients and 10g net carbs. 10 for 10, baby!


Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce


Recipe: SkinnyTaste

I have a love/hate relationship with cauliflower (god – sometimes it can be so bad), but this recipe was amazing. Bow down to the most amazing cauliflower wings recipe on earth. The sneaky blue cheese sauce is made with greek yogurt and lemon juice and we only wanted more of it. Even James liked it. We were basically licking our plates. We’re making this again.

Zucchini and Squash Fries


Recipe: Wholesome Yum

These were delicious! The almond flour, parmesan cheese and spices made a perfect alternative to traditional breadcrumbs. I fried these little guys on the stove top and paired them with lettuce wrapped burgers. So good!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet


Recipe: Rachael Good Eats

I finally made Rachael’s infamous Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet! With similar ingredients to the those cookie dough balls I love so much, I knew this would be good. This recipe gives you that fresh, right-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie without any harmful ingredients. Absolutely making this again.


What did you try this week?



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