So, I Sold My Wedding Dress. Here’s Why I’m Not Crazy.

I got married five months ago, and yesterday I went to the post office and shipped my Martina Liana designer wedding dress off to Austin, TX. For good. That’s right, I sold my wedding dress.

Once the shock wears off, read on and let me explain why.

I will never forget my wedding day, it truly was the best day of my life. Surrounded by my closest friends and family, (all of whom traveled great lengths to be there), I married my best friend. It’s cheesy, I know. But it really was a beautiful occasion, and I’ll never forget how everything came together so perfectly.

But let’s be real. My wedding dress was single-handedly the most expensive article of clothing I’ve ever purchased. So why, you’re probably asking, would I be so willing to get rid of it?

So many brides keep their dresses and package them in beautiful preservation boxes, or find ways to re-purpose (throw pillows? tote bags? ok, the christening gown is cute). Your wedding day is so personal, so who am I to judge what you want to do.

For what it’s worth, here are four reasons why I decided to sell my dress:

    • We tend to give too much meaning to our things. One of my favorite documentaries, The Minimalists, dabbles into this topic. If I get rid of my wedding dress, will I lose all the joy from my special day? Of course not. Without my dress, will I lose all my memories? No.  By getting rid of my dress, what am I actually losing? We should all ask ourselves these questions about any items we possess.


    • My dress can get more mileage. My dress was a dream come true, but I will never wear it again. I love the idea that I can pass it onto another bride. The bride who ultimately purchased my dress had a smaller budget, and it feels so good to know that she can also have her dream dress at a price she can afford. I’d much rather give my dress to someone else to use, rather than have it sit in storage for the rest of my life. Which brings me to my next argument…


    • I just don’t have the space for it. As a military spouse, I will be picking up and moving every few years for the foreseeable future. In and out of apartments and houses, lugging my wedding dress in a box. I hate to say it, but it’s just another thing to lug around. And while I love the idea of saving it for a future daughter, I just don’t think it’s worth holding onto for 20, 30 years.


    • I can get some of my money back. I can’t sell my dress at full price, but I can get some of it back. This was a huge incentive for me. I’ve been trying to be smarter with my finances, and still have some student loan debt left to pay (I’m so close guys, so close). I’d much rather sell the dress and use the payments towards my debt, which will ultimately set me up better in the future.


So, how did I sell it?

After some research, I decided to post my dress on  You pay a one-time, small fee to post your wedding dress at a price of your choosing. I posted my dress in June, and by end of August I had an offer. All of your correspondence and payments are documented on the website and PayPal, so it is a secure process.

So what did you do with your wedding dress? Do you think I’m crazy?


5 thoughts on “So, I Sold My Wedding Dress. Here’s Why I’m Not Crazy.

  1. My wedding dress went to Goodwill. I am holding onto my Mother of the Bride dress for awhile, in case I ever have a formal occasion to go to ( I doubt it). Sometimes we are emotionally attached to things. But you are right. They are just things. It’s the experiences we have in life, and the memories they create, that matter.

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  2. Loving your blog, Chelsea! And you’re not crazy at all—great idea! I agree with all the points you discuss and similarly, was why I chose to wear my grandma’s wedding dress. It allowed me more room in my budget, was something we had on hand already (and wasn’t too ugly)! And still allowed for awesome memories without the stress of adding another item to be stored indefinitely.


  3. Not crazy at all! We do tend to put too much emphasis on material goods. Of course I still have my wedding dress tightly preserved in a box. Why? Who knows?! I rocked an 80’s style dress, so definitely nothing anyone would want to wear now. I really think the baptismal/christening gown is a good idea! That dress will hopefully be coming out of the box and cut apart!


  4. Chelsea,
    Through a wild internet search, I landed at your blog. I loved reading your article. What a sweet idea it is to allow your dress to become a source of happiness for someone else.

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