6 Instagram Accounts I Love to Follow

OK, we all love Instagram. But we also spends HOURS on it, every single day. Recently I’ve tried to become more mindful of the accounts I follow, and how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling through my feed. For me, I like to follow accounts that inspire me or make me smile.

Here are six accounts I love:



OK, you saw this one coming. Rachel Hollis is a #1 NYT bestselling author, top motivational speaker and podcaster. So it’s no surprise her Instagram is full of inspiration. Rachel and her husband also do a live stream every weekday (8am CT)!




Shout-out to my girlfriend Elysia who introduced me to this gem! Kathleen Barnes is a San Francisco-based fashion blogger who is unapologetically herself. She is utterly hysterical, from her cat stroller adventures to random moments in her every day life.




Rachel is a Seattle-based dietitian and lifestyle blogger who is all about healthy living. Follow her page for delicious,Β healthy recipes, fitness inspiration, wellness getaways, and more!Β  She also helps fill my void of missing Seattle!




Lindsay Surowitz is a San Diego-based nutritionist all about happy, healthy living. Follow her page for delicious, step-by-step recipes. She archives of her stores into easy highlights, including smoothie and instant pot recipes.




China Kautz is a Cincinnati-based designer who specializes in wedding calligraphy and modern lettering. Her page is always aesthetically pleasing, with gorgeous photography of her work and life around the house. She is also a fellow corgi mom!




Lauren Saylor is an Orange-County based designer who specializes in wedding stationary, hand lettering and styling. Her gorgeous feed will brighten your day.


OK, that’s it for now! What accounts do you love to follow?


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