Chili & Cornbread For Game Day

I’m back on the blog! I’m sorry you haven’t heard much from me, November was such a crazy month. I slowly finished out one job and picked up on another. I paid off my student loans (and sobbed like a baby. and drank an entire bottle of wine). We hosted a Friendsgiving with other submarine families in our itty bitty apartment. But things are finally starting to slow down!

This weekend was the Army-Navy game (Go Navy, Beat Army)! We don’t need to talk about the outcome, but we do need to talk about the chili and cornbread I made. Winter is alive and well in Connecticut and yesterday’s high was only 28 degrees. I am experiencing my first real winter in 20 years. AND I AM FREEZING. ALWAYS.

So when we were invited to a Army-Navy game day party, I knew exactly what I would bring:

Quinoa & Sweet Potato Chili


I’ll preface with this: the chili is vegan. But like so many other vegan recipes I share, this is entirely carnivore approved.  One of my best friends shared this recipe with me years ago, and it’s been my go-to chili ever since. The recipe is hearty and so satisfying with black beans, sweet potatoes and quinoa. Top it with sour cream or greek yogurt,  cheese, cilantro and hot sauce.

Recipe by Milk Free Mom 

Cornbread Casserole


I usually reserve this side dish for Thanksgiving only, but it pairs with the chili so well! This online recipe is close to what James’ grandma used to make (thanks, Cheryl!). This recipe is made with all the amazing things: Jiffy cornbread mix, butter, eggs, cheddar cheese, creamed corn, sour cream… the list goes on. The cornbread is so moist and sweet and salty and delicious.

Recipe by Spend with Pennies


Do you have a favorite game day recipe? Comment below!



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