Our New England Bucket List (And Why You Should Start One Too)

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you’ve had a restful weekend. The past two months have been quite an adjustment for us, but I think we’re finally feeling settled here in Connecticut.

For anyone who lives a life in the military,  living away from friends and family can be so hard. Picking up and moving every few years – or PCS’ing “permanent change of station” -is stressful. The future is always hanging in the air, and that is just a reality you come to understand and accept. And as I learned last year, your orders can change. And change again. And change again.

But, I hate to focus on the negative. Before I met James, I didn’t have a passport. My life barely took me out of the Pacific Northwest. There is something exciting about exploring different parts of the country, picking up and experiencing new places.

When James and I moved to California for his shore duty, we decided to make a “bucket list.” We listed out all the activities and places we wanted to visit in California. I kept the list on our refrigerator, and it was so fun to plan out our weekends and have something to look forward to. Venturing to Lake Tahoe. Hiking at Yosemite National Park. Taking a cheesy celebrity home tour in Hollywood. Touring Alcatraz. 

We’re going to live in Connecticut for at least three years, so our list is a bit longer. When times are hard or stressful, I love to come back to this list and look forward to all the adventures we have ahead of us.

I encourage you, whether you’re military or not, to create your own bucket list for where you live. Do a little research and look up fun, unique places around you.

To help inspire you, here is our (current – and ever-changing) New England bucket list:


  1. Complete the Winter Wine Trail, visit 14 farm wineries
  2. Follow the “Antique Trail” in Stonington
  3. Walk around Yale campus
  4. Eat at Modern Apizza in New Haven, named the #3 pizzeria in the U.S. by Trip Advisor
  5. Visit the National Historic Site, Weir Farm
  6. Eat at Mystic Pizza
  7. See a concert at Mohegan Sun 


  1. Spend a weekend in Kennebunkport Done! Read about that here.
  2. Drink all the beer in Portland
  3. Hike the last portion of the Appalachian Trail (Mount Katahdin)
  4. Visit Acadia National Park  Done! Read about that here.
  5. Visit National Historic Site, Saint Croix Island


  1. Spend a weekend in Boston  Done! Read about that here.
  2. Go to a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park
  3. Travel to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket
  4. Explore Cape Cod during the shoulder season
  5. Visit the National Historic Site, Springfield Armory 
  6. Visit the National Historic Park, Minute Man 
  7. Visit Salem for the Salem Witch Museum, Salem Witch Walk, all the things


  1.  Hike the Presidential Traverse (~20 mi)
  2. Visit the National Historic Site, Saint-Gaudens
  3. What else in New Hampshire?


  1. Visit NYC during the holidays Done! Read about that here.
  2. See a Broadway show
  3. Visit the National Historic Site, Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace
  4. Visit the National Monument, Statue of Liberty
  5.  Visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum
  6.  Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  7. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  8.  Walk the High Line in Chelsea… and visit Chelsea Market


  1. Explore downtown Providence
  2. Visit the National Historic Site, Roger Williams Memorial 
  3. Visit the Newport mansions


  1. Go maple syrup tasting
  2.  Spend a weekend in Burlington – planned for May!
  3. Go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in Stowe


Ok! That’s it for now. What’s on your bucket list?




3 thoughts on “Our New England Bucket List (And Why You Should Start One Too)

    1. Aww most definitely! We’ll be here three years – so come whenever! We’re really a great home base, easy 2 hour train to NYC, 2 hours to Boston. We’d love to have you guys any time!


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