8 Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

Happy May! Spring is here and we have so many weddings on the horizon! We recently celebrated our one year anniversary, and I still can’t believe how fast that year went by.

One of my favorite occasions was my bridal shower. It was such a treat to fly home and take a moment for my engagement to feel real. Keep in mind we were living in California at the time, and after James proposed we called our close friends and family to tell them. My bridesmaids went all out with such a memorable occasion, from the decorations to the games. And I cried about a dozen times.

As we gear up for such an exciting wedding season with friends and family, I wanted to share some of my favorite bridal shower gifts. I’m not sure what the official rule is, but I know a lot of brides just use their existing wedding registries. For someone you know really well, I think it can be fun to go a bit rogue and add a personal touch or surprise.

Here are a few helpful ideas, either gifts I’ve given or have received:


1. Recipe Box.

This was one of my favorite and most treasured wedding gifts! My mom and sister gathered old family recipes from my childhood, from my grandmother’s prized deviled eggs to my aunt’s notorious salads. They presented me with a sweet recipe box, filled with hand-written recipe cards. I cried! Amazon has some great options, like this, this or this.

2. Custom Family/Couple Portrait.

I love this idea and saw it floating around on Instagram somewhere. It makes for such a sweet surprise and works for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, bridal or baby shower. You can purchase digital files from Etsy for $15, then print it at Walgreens (8×10) and frame it.

3. Wedding Dress Hanger.

Your wedding day has so many details to keep track of, the concept of coordinating my bridal party hangers was lost beyond me. Lucky for me one of my bridesmaids gifted me a beautiful, personalized wedding dress hanger at my shower. The hanger was stunning and photographed so well! I still have it in my closet and smile every time I see it. And Etsy has so many options

4. Heart Map.

My sister-in-law gave us this to us and I smile at it every day! The heart-cut out maps can show where you met, where you got engaged, and where you get married. Since we’re in the military and constantly moving, I loved having a small reminder of the place we met in Seattle. Here’s a cute option from Etsy!

5. Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags

The perfect gift for your honeymoon! I loved these luggage tags, and much to my surprise so did James. These tags are a silly and sweet reminder of your new life together. I found so many options on Amazon!

6. Chalkboard Sign.

OK – this isn’t so much a gift as it is decor, but I loved it! One of my bridesmaids turned my welcome sign into a cute chalkboard infographic. The sign greeted bridal shower guests as they entered the house, and it was a fun way for them to learn more about James and I. If it wasn’t for hopping on a flight, I would have brought it home with me! You can find chalkboard signs, boards and pens on Amazon, Target and Wal-mart.

7. Personalized Bar Necklace.

This gift seems simple, but you can make it so meaningful. Two of my bridesmaids gave me a personalized necklace, with a quote inscription that was so personal and meant so much to me. You can purchase these from a local jeweler, but also great options on (you guessed it) Etsy.

8. Special Occasion Wine Labels.

If your bride is a wino – this is the perfect gift for her! Who doesn’t love gifts that keep on giving? These wine labels are such a fun thing to look forward to. The labels each represent different milestones – first anniversary, first baby, first big purchase, first big fight (ha), first home, etc. Here’s a great set from Etsy. 


I hope this list was helpful! What bridal shower gifts have you given or received? Congratulations to all of the 2019 brides! You know who you are, and I love you.


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