My 8 Pregnancy Must Haves

I’ve reached 22 weeks,  with only six weeks left of my second trimester! If I’ve learned anything through this pregnancy, it’s what a difference a day makes. Everyday feels slightly different, and I find myself noticing major changes virtually overnight. Also every woman is different, so I’m realizing many pregnancy “rules” don’t apply to everyone. For that reason I may or may not go into grave detail here on what my pregnancy looks like.

For example, I’ve read in countless books, blogs and brochures that you’re second trimester is magical. Your energy comes back (really? Can someone help me find it?). Staying active and working out has helped maintain my energy, but I am not back to what I used to. I find myself yawning in every conversation. Socializing at a work party last weekend, I felt like I needed to sit down after just 30 minutes. In the past week I’ve started to feel weird cramps, weird bouts of pressure where I can feel the baby pressing down. I think I felt a kick over the weekend? Not sure yet, but we’re anxious to. : )

Regardless of the symptoms or what I’m feeling, I’ve found a handful of go-to products and items that have made life a little easier. I’m excited to share these with you!


  1. Ginger Beer // I  was lucky and didn’t experience too much morning sickness or nausea during my first trimester. But being pregnant during these hot, humid summers on the East Coast, I can’t help but crave an ice cold beer. Ginger beer has been my go-to.
  2. Dry Soda // Dry Soda was founded in Seattle by a mother of four, and I was a fan of the brand long before I was pregnant. These are delicious and fresh sparking sodas and the perfect for alternative drinks to bring to parties, BBQs or cookouts.
  3. H20 Coach // I had a bit of a scare early on in my pregnancy – I fainted at a restaurant. While dehydration was never declared as the culprit, I’ve been paranoid of getting enough hydration ever since. This big guy holds a gallon of water and helps you track your intake throughout the day.
  4. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter // Thank you, Cheryl! My mother-in-law sent this to me and it’s been a god send ever since. I use it almost every day after I shower, and I’ve actually noticed my existing stretch marks fade and no new ones emerge.
  5. Snoogle // This pillow is hilarious and huge and weird but so life changing. Around 18 weeks my sleep started to suffer – I’d spend the night tossing and turning. James surprised me and bought me this pillow and it’s been magical ever since.
  6. Ovia // If you’re going to download a pregnancy app, make it this one. Ovia is a great resource that walks you through your pregnancy week-by-week, your baby’s growth and development, and how to navigate your symptoms. The app also allows you to track your weight gain, nutrition and doctor’s appointments.
  7. Stitch Fix // I’ve been a fan of Stitch Fix for awhile now, but sometimes it’s hit or miss. I was about to quit the program but realized they have a maternity line. So far the clothing has been a major win – maternity jeans that actually fit, cute summer dresses and tops. Your belly will pop overnight, so it’s always a good thing to have some maternity clothes ready at your disposal.
  8. Joy of Pregnancy // When I first found out I was pregnant, James and I went out to dinner to celebrate and wandered into a local bookstore. Many friends have loaned me books since then, but this one has been a wonderful read.


I hope these might be helpful for you! Mamas out there, what were your go-to products or items? I’d love to hear!


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