About Me

Hi! I’m Chelsea Davis.

I live on the East Coast and started freelancing in 2018. I drink coffee like my life depends on it. I’m a news nerd to my core, and I love a good hashtag. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, cooking, Crossfitting (though you won’t hear me call it a box), and living a healthy lifestyle.


I was born and raised in Washington state, so the Pacific Northwest will always feel like home.  Yes, I fit all major stereotypes of a Seattleite – I have an affinity for coffee and the outdoors, and I drive a Subaru. My husband is an officer in the Navy,  and so far this life has taken us to beautiful ends of the United States, first Monterey, California and now Groton Connecticut.

I’ve always had an affinity for writing and sharing stories. I’ve worked in the PR industry for nearly 10 years. As a PR freelancer, this website is one part resume, one part lifestyle blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll stay awhile!